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Wholesale loose powder: Plastic Nursery Nutrition Bowl Seed Nursery Pots Cup

Wholesale loose powder: Plastic Nursery Nutrition Bowl Seed Nursery Pots Cup






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Product Attributes

- Brand Name WilsonGarden

- Model Number Nursery Cup

- Place of Origin China

- Supply Type In-Stock Items

- Condition New

- Color black

- Material Plastic

- Shape Round

- Related Keywords Nutrition Bowl

Description by Manufacturer

Most of them were seeded in 288 seedling tray first, and then moved to 72 hole seedling tray when the young seedling grew to 1-2 true leaves. The plant height is 16-18cm, the stem diameter is 4.0-4.5mm, the area is 110C ㎡, up to 6-7 true leaves and small flower buds, the calendar seedling age is 80-85 days, the plant height is 8-10cm, the stem diameter is 2.5-3.0mm, 4-5 true leaves, the leaf area is 40-50m, the calendar seedling age is 70-75 days.

During pruning, part of the lower leaves can be removed, and moderate leaf picking can reduce flower falling, reduce fruit decay and promote fruit coloring. In order to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions, some old and withered leaves or leaves with weak photosynthesis can be removed(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The method of leaf picking is: when the diameter of eggplant is 34 cm, remove the old leaves at the lower part of the eggplant; when the diameter of the four parent eggplant is 3-4 cm, remove the old leaves at the lower part of the eggplant again, and do not pick leaves later.

The pot soil should be poured through or lime powder can reduce the occurrence of eggplant brown spot and cotton blight. Using 1500 times of 7.5% EC to control aphid, noctuid and ladybug. Every 100 / g of gengengbao wet powder to 100-150 kg of nutrient soil, mix evenly and then divide seedlings. The root of eggplant was irrigated with 4000 times solution of 72% soluble powder, 300-500ml solution per plant, once every 10 days, twice or three times continuously, which could prevent and control the disease. Biological fertilizer can release the fixed nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil and promote the improvement of soil fertility.

The effect of using bio fertilizer in the old age greenhouse is more significant. In order to ensure that vegetables, fruits and fruits absorb enough nutrition, it is suggested that farmers should use biological fertilizer and compound fertilizer alternately. Humic acid fertilizer can improve the utilization of P, K and some trace elements in the soil because of the high content of N, P, K and other nutrients in the old greenhouse soil(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The requirements of planting area are not high, but if you want to develop well, you'd better plant it in a sandy loam with good fertility.

Most importantly, if the temperature is lower than 10 degrees in winter, you'd better not plant pitaya. In the early stage of the cultivation of pitaya fruit, the quality requirements for fertilizer are particularly high. It is important to apply mainly nitrogen fertilizer, while in the later stage, the chemical fertilizer containing organic matters can be used. In the next few years, the watering time in spring and summer should be in the early morning and evening, and in winter should be at noon. After watering, loosen the soil to reduce water evaporation, which is conducive to new roots.

Every few days, I will take off a leaf, and after washing my face, I will evenly smear the juice from the aloe leaf incision on my face, which will immediately have a cool and comfortable enjoyment, without the feeling of thick, sticky and greasy, and then wash it off with water before I go to sleep. When the temperature is too low in winter, it is necessary to stop fertilization(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In the spring and summer development season, pay attention to make up for the organic liquid fertilizer or other compound fertilizer once a week or two, so as to help flowers develop healthily.

In order to make Gardenia blossom better, we should pay attention to pruning the branches and leaves regularly, and cut off some of the branches and leaves that are too long. It is found that some of the branches and leaves that are cross developed should also be properly removed. If Gardenia potted plants are pregnant with excessive bracts.

Mature chicken manure, stable manure, biogas fluid, plant ash, etc., chemical fertilizers include urea, superphosphate, ammonium bicarbonate, diammonium phosphate, potassium sulfate and other compound fertilizers, microelement fertilizers, etc. in early spring cultivation, cauliflower, as a shallow root plant, is not only wet but also waterlogged(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Generally, loose soil is required for normal growth, with good fertilizer retention. Therefore, high quality organic fertilizer is often used as base fertilizer in production. For example, trace elements such as molybdenum and boron are generally applied with base fertilizer.


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- Delivery Lead Time7

- Minimum Order 1000 Piece

- Supply Ability1000000/month

- Total quantity in StockOver 5000

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Plastic Nursery Nutrition Bowl Seed Nursery Pots Cup

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