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Wholesale cleaning supplies: Industrial Spray Gun

Wholesale cleaning supplies: Industrial Spray Gun






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The Industrial Spray Gun is specifically designed for automotive body and industrial work, providing excellent results and mirror-like paint effects. Industrial spray guns provide high-speed, precise applications and the best precision to ensure cost-effective, high-quality manufacturing, ideal for industrial production.


The paint spray gun has a fine-tuning function, the external mixed air paint spray gun has a fine spray adjustment function, and the reinforced base with a cam lock closure provides professional results. Industrial spray guns are made of solid metal and are powder-coated for added durability.


Industrial spray guns apply to various fields to meet diverse needs, especially for automotive body and industrial work. Whatever you need, ZEGO provides high-quality and economical industrial spray guns for customers. Since ZEGO is the only supplier of full-line hi-end spray guns with no O-ring design, which is innovative, durable and easy to clean, innovative products supplied by ZEGO can easily meet customers' specific needs. With advanced mechanical technology and a professional team, ZEGO is confident and ready to provide high-end products and expertise in selecting and purchasing industrial spray guns. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Parts of the industrial spray gun

An industrial spray gun consists of basic parts of aircap, flow regulator, nozzle, and tank (some types of industrial spray gun have a tank)


Aircap: this part works for mixing the air and paint, directly affecting the quality of the result and amount of the paint used.


Flow regulator: this part is used for adjusting the amount of paint coming out through the nozzle.


Nozzle: this part is where the paint comes out. Different sizes of nozzles are available to choose according to needs, and some industrial spray guns have interchangeable nozzles.


How to choose the appropriate industrial spray gun?

There are three factors should be considered when choosing the appropriate industrial gun: application, accessories, and price.


The object that will be sprayed determines the choosing of the type of spray gun and the size of the nozzle. For example, large object needs the spray gun with big-size nozzle to ensure the efficient work.


High-quality and appropriate accessories need to be considered due to some special requirement in some industrial fields. Accessories can help the industrial spray gun perform well.


Compare different industrial spray guns meet your needs within your budget, and find out the optimal type and purchase at the optimal price.


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Price US$  100  / Piece

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Industrial Spray Gun

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Tool-bar is a China based company that manufactures professional and industial paint spraying equipment and accessories. Comblined with its engineering-driven culture,rich industrial experience and manufacturing know-how,Tool-bar is the only manufacturer in the world that can provide a full line Hi-end spray guns with totally no o-ring design for extended durability and easy cleaning.

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